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The price of our pups starts at $3500 and can go up to $5000.

$3500 is the price of a pet quality puppy with limited registration & a spay/neuter contract.

$4000 is the price of most of our show quality puppies with full registration (there is an application for full registration). We require full registration dogs that people intend to breed, to obtain a dog sport title and have basic health testing. If you just want to breed without any of these things, you are NOT my buyer.


Please contact us about our sales contract/guarantee for more info, we have a breed specific guarantee.

The following info applies to the different qualities of pups....

All pet quality pups are sold with limited registration and spay/neuter contracts.

All show quality pups are sold with full registration and a $500 rebate if you show and finish (champion) your dog.

If you earn ANY dog sport title on your dog from us (Obedience, Agility, PP, Field, etc) we will rebate you $500.

If you want a neo to breed to another breed, you are NOT my buyer.


Please do not contact us about placing a deposit until you have read the Neo Info page of our site. There is lots of valuable information on this link and some of it can be rather daunting to a buyer that has not researched the breed. Of course questions are welcome and encouraged.

Intact males (males that are not being neutered) will not be sold to households with kids under the age of 10.

Understand even if a breeding just took place there is a 2 month gestation period and another 2 months before the pups are ready to go. Often we will have a waiting list 6 months in advance of a litter being born.

Deposits are accepted once approved, in the amount of $500, this places a hold on the specific pup you are requesting and is refundable ONLY if Il Drago cannot provide you your pup within 1 year. If a puppy is not reserved until after it's birth, the deposit is $1000.

The average wait can be 6 months to a year for the specified puppy that a buyer has requested, Neapolitan Mastiffs can be incredibly hard to breed compared to other breeds, and some breedings do not result in a litter immediately.

Il Drago Kennels does not accept personal checks, the recommended form of payment is bank wire transfer or one of the fast and easy ways to send money digitally now. We have Chase and Bank of America accounts and also Venmo, Cashapp and Zelle. We DO NOT have or use Paypal.

Upon receipt of your deposit (within 10 days) you will be sent via email a deposit receipt, a neo-info packet, & a sample copy of our standard sales contract.

Unless you have placed a deposit on a "specific pick" you will not be picking out your pup. When you place a deposit on a pup and a litter is born we will not know which puppy is yours until they are ready to go.  We at Il Drago will use our years of experience to pick out the the best pup for you according to the specifications you gave when you sent the deposit.

All of our pups and adults are microchipped and their health is guaranteed. We offer a 12-36 month heart & hip guarantee. They come with 30 days of insurance that you can extend or replace.

Each pup is named according to it's litter "letter", the litters are named in alphabetical order, which means if you are purchasing a pup from the "I" litter your pups registration will come pre-named with the kennel name "Il Drago" and then an Italian name that starts with an I. This helps us associate dogs from litters. You are welcome to pick your pups call name.

We do offer ear cropping for our pups done at a renowned ear cropping vet. This is up to each individual buyer to decide, please read Ear Cropping Pros & Cons. The cost for this is $500 and is done between 6 and 7 weeks. We handle the stitch removal and the aftercare until you receive your pup. We DO NOT DOCK TAILS ANYMORE there are too many places in the world that this is banned now, and since it has to be done by a week old we cannot possibly know which pups are going where.

Full payment for pups are due by the time the pups are 7 weeks old. This allows us time to to prepare the pups for their new homes, in most cases pups are ready at 8 weeks old, NO EARLIER.

Shipping costs for 8 week old pups varies depending on where and how they are going. In the 48 states flight nannies are preferred as cargo is no longer available for this breed. This can range from $550 to $750 and is only available for your pup until it is 25 lbs, so not long. There are various ground transporters and their prices range as well. Door to door delivery costs about $1.50 a mile, from Indianapolis Indiana. So do the math and that gives you a general idea. The buyer needs to be aware that shipping arrangements will be made at their request, but in cases where the buyer is within a days drive to our kennel, we STRONGLY recommend picking up your pup in person. We ask buyers to keep in mind that just as in human airline transportation there are many variables that can effect a pups travel. Flight delays, flight cancellations, incorrect information when booking the pet, extreme weather conditions, etc. can cause changes in times or even dates of arrival. We will do everything possible to make sure your pup gets to you safely, but when these variables do occur we ask that our buyers keep in mind that our schedules have to be rearranged as well, the inconvenience is mutual.

When we have pups we are very busy, please allow us time to return calls or answer emails, we do care about getting back to you, but these big lugs keep us very busy.

Please email us at for further info.

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